GAO Report on Voter Registration and Challenges in 2004

GAO Document Summary

“According to the election officials surveyed, about 423,000 provisional ballots were cast in 13 of the 14 jurisdictions, and 70 percent of those votes were counted. Also, 8 of the 14 jurisdictions reported challenges implementing provisional voting, in part, because some poll workers were not familiar with provisional voting or staff did not have sufficient time to process provisional ballots.”

GAO Full Report

The GAO admits that there were serious issues with voter registration and further that not all eligible votes were even counted. To this day I’m deeply disturbed that the television news media is not covering this story. I believe that had this occurred in the 60s, investigative journalists would be reporting on these items and their reports would be relayed by television news, especially after the indictment of I. Lewis Libby on obstruction of justice charges.

In an earlier essay I referenced a report authored by twelve scientists and scholars who documented various irregularities in regards to election polling with respect to the United States’ 2004 presidential election. The summary concludes:

“The many anecdotal reports of voting irregularities create a context in which the possibility that the overall vote count was substantially corrupted must be taken seriously. The hypothesis that exit polls accurately reflected the will of the people and the official tally is in error is a theory with some support in the Edison/Mitofsky data, while the same data casts doubt on the opposing hypothesis (that more Kerry supporters than Bush supporters cooperated with the pollsters). A thorough investigation and careful, exhaustive recount in key states would be an appropriate response.”

US Count Votes’ full report.

Unfortunately, today, corporate TV media doesn’t seem up to the task of reporting news of importance to informing the masses regarding deep issues with our democractic republic.