A great little Stay on Top utility…

The other day I was looking for a way to keep a window on top while entering its values in another window, and laying both windows side by side wasn’t the best option for one of the windows. So, I started searching for a Stay on Top utility.

PowerMenu adds a right click menu to each window’s title bar, adding the following features:
Always on Top
Minimize to Tray.

Under Win98, the Transparency control is not supported.

While the Stay on Top feature was what I was looking for, I was surprised to also find a solution to an organization issue that has bothered me for some years: the inability to reorganize the order of the items in the task bar. When Firefox 2.0 added the ability to move the sequential ordering of tabs, it was a real breakthrough for users who wished to organize their browser’s windows.

With PowerMenu, by minimizing the various program windows to the tray, then strategically clicking on them in the order you wish them to reappear in the task bar, one is able to reorder task bar items!

This is definitely one of the handier utilities for Windows that I’ve seen: PowerMenu by Thong Nguyen.