Corporate TV News

I don’t watch much TV, but this evening I sat down to dinner and decided to see what was on MSNBC. Their top story? It was about a kid who had jumped into a net at some stadium. Wow. Big news, leading story, must be important. Right?

Why not cover the Cindy Sheehan peace protest in Crawford Texas, where President Bush is said to be vacationing while troops die in Iraq?
Why not cover the 600 truckers in Florida who are protesting high fuel prices?

There are other much more important stories that happened today in the United States, but a kid jumping into a stadium and captured by a net is more important?

after watching this broadcast for a few minutes where they continued with talking heads analyzing the kid in the net, I switched the channel. Well, here’s my news for today, MSNBC, you just lost me as a satellite subscriber, if you can’t bring me the top stories of the day, you’re going to have to pay me to pipe your propaganda into my TV.