Is 2003UB313 the transneptunian Apollo? Or Admetos, Kronos, or Vulcanos? It’s orbital period most closely matches Apollo.

That guess is based upon the orbital period as defined by Astrolog’s calculation routines of about 577 years. In contrast Kronos is about 510 years, and Admetos about 614.

UB313 is reported to have an orbital period of 557 years.

However, if one goes by Brown’s quote, “… is currently almost directly overhead in the early-morning eastern sky, in the constellation Cetus,” then I’d have to modify my guess to Admetos, Hades, Kronos, or Vulcanos.

Admetos (614 years)
Hades (360 years)
Kronos (521 years)
Vulcanos (663 years)

We can probably eliminate Hades, since the orbital period is so far from the observations of 2005UB313, as too is the mean distance. The mean distances of Admetos, Kronos, or Vulcanos are the most likely candidates, if the new name is to correlate to any of Witte and Sieggrun’s transneptuninan hypotheticals.

Therefore, we’re left with Admetos, Kronos, or Vulcanos.

Isn’t there a lot of volcanic activity lately?

3 thoughts on “Apollo?

  1. I believe the ancients intuited the next Principles to be Apollo or Vulcan. Apollo over Taurus and Vulcan over Virgo, I personally say Chiron has to do with the Solar Plexus and I don’t feel satisfied with Terra for Taurus. One day there is gonna be a new Heaven and a new Earth and these filler planets should precede. Just an outline; I read Xena and Layla for it possibilities. The recycling feminine archtypes and asteroids ask for consideration.

  2. Thanks for the comment, damien f.

    I understand the suggested name has already been submitted, if I’ve read the discovering astronomer Michael E. Brown’s webpage information properly, but that the IAU still has to approve it. He has updated his website since I wrote the above post, and has written more information about the name suggested to IAU, apparently Vulcan has been ruled out for good reason, and all the other Greek names have been taken.

    Your point that perhaps our whole world needs more feminine archetype in the popular zodiac is understood and agreed with. Xena and Layla are both names of which I’m currently unfamiliar, (isn’t Xena a TV character?) but I’ll look into them. Thank you for suggesting them to consider in this name game!

    In any case, the whole rulership, co-rulership, exaltation, fall, and detriment assignments I could never make any logical sense of, and recently when looking at them again, I still can’t.

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