The first step I’ve made with this blog was to install the captcha named AuthImage, a well regarded spam-bot blocker. Instructions in the readme file were clear and concise. AuthImage’s homepage is:

What the program does is load an image with graphically embedded characters onto the comment submission page, those numbers in turn need to be correctly entered by the person making the comment. The presumption is that most spambots don’t have optical character recognition (OCR) routines, so they can’t easily place their droppings on your blog: only other humans can comment. Unfortunately, it also prevents visually impaired people from placing a comment.

It occurred to me that maybe I should wait until there is some comment spam before I worry about blocking spambots, however the experience of other sites I’ve helped with suggests the need for AuthImage’s functionality at some point in time is inevitable.

That’s one item off the to-do list and time to pour another cup of coffee.

Edit of 5/14/2005:
Currently AuthImage is removed. When I upgraded to WordPress 1.5, I wanted to see how comment spam was with the new system.

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